We are currently accepting nominations for the LEADERSHIP MOBILE Class of 2021. Please email if you have questions.

LEADERSHIP MOBILE seeks individuals:

  • who represent a cross section of participants from business, the professions, education, organized labor, government, arts, clergy, service and community organizations, ethnic/minority groups and by gender

  • who have demonstrated the capacity for leadership within their own organizations through significant achievements relative to age and experience

  • who share a sincere commitment, motivation and interest in serving the greater Mobile community

  • with potential for advancement to top leadership positions within their own organizations which may result in significant influence over important issues facing the community

  • who have demonstrated a commitment to community improvement through volunteer involvement

  • able to make the time commitment necessary to complete the Leadership Mobile Development Program and the full support of the corporation or organization he/she represents

  • with the intention, upon completion of the program, to seek roles on community boards, commissions, key volunteer leadership positions, or public office and who will commit to join Leadership Mobile and Mobile United for two years after graduation

  • with the commitment to remain in the greater Mobile area or who are not likely to be transferred within the immediate future

The Selection Committee will choose a class that is representative of the diverse leadership needs of the community. All nominees will be interviewed in June (or tba). The members of the Class of 2021 will be announced in mid August. Those who are not selected for the class are invited and encouraged to re-apply in subsequent years.

The tuition for the Class of 2021 is $2,500. (tuition price may be subject to change with notice).

The deadline for submitting a nomination is Friday April 24, 2020.

2021 Nomination Form