Youth Leadership Mobile

Mission & Objectives

Youth Leadership Mobile is a program that identifies and empowers rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors from diverse backgrounds and schools in Mobile County and who have the potential and interest in becoming trustees of their community. During the nine-month program the participants will expand their leadership skills, will be introduced to issues and opportunities in the community and will learn how their leadership abilities can best fit those needs through the lens of servant leadership.


  • To identify high school students who have leadership potential and who have concern for the betterment of the Mobile community.
  • To bring together a diverse group from various social, economic, racial, and geographic backgrounds to learn about each other and the issues that confront the community.
  • To increase awareness of community issues, problems, opportunities, and successes to allow participants to nurture their ideas and talents as future leaders of Mobile.
  • To introduce the Youth Leadership Mobile participants to community leaders and decision makers.
  • To expand and develop their leadership skills, decision-making capabilities, and communication skills through hands-on experiences.
  • To foster and develop an attitude of community service and participation through volunteer activities.
  • To assist youth in becoming more vested in Mobile in order to develop a lifelong commitment to their community
  • To guide students through the process of grassroots community development by requiring completion of an individual community project.