Diversity & Inclusion Task Force


After months of deliberating in the post-COVID, post- George Floyd America, this Task Force identified five areas that we explored in-depth:

  1. Root causes of racism
  2. Educational reform for people of color
  3. Fatigue of fear for children and adults of colors
  4. Policing policies as instituted by the Mobile Police Department
  5. Economic opportunities
  6. In 2022, we are looking to regather, in conjunction with our revitalized Public Safety Task Force, to work together on youth violence, as it is a major concern for our area.


If you wish to know more about this Task Force, please contact Chris Gibson at cgibson@mobileunited.org.

Diversity & Inclusion Programs


One of the primary aspects of Mobile in Black & White is its structured community conversation process.

Many communities have embarked on community conversations by bringing a diverse group of citizens together to participate in a facilitated discussion. Although these conversations have centered around different issues in the community, there are common principles that are central to each community conversation.